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Crowd Favourites


A delicious variety of crowd favourites, perfect for family get togethers, Christmas parties, etc. or just because you want to indulge.

Breaded pork shishkebab skewers (minimum order of 75 pieces) $2.00 each
Cabbage rolls (minimum order of 75 pieces) $2.00 each
Perogies (minimum order of 75 pieces) $ .50 each
BBQ chicken wings (choice of BBQ sauce) 10 lbs. spacer$70.00
Meat and cheese lasagna - Serves 15-20 spacer$55.00
Homemade meatballs - Swedish or cranberry pinot-noir sauce - 75 meatballs spacer$45.00
Salad bowls (serves 15-20) - Potato, creamy coleslaw or Caesar spacer$30.00
Salad bowls (serves 15-20) - Greek, pasta or bean spacer$35.00